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Welcome to the trusted leaf filter gutter protection business in Bismarck, ND

Leaf filter Advantages: Aluminum vs Plastic


  • Can stand the heat and cold of our North Dakota weather
  • Add to the curb appeal of your home
  • Last longer - 40 year warranty


  • Plastic will bends in our summer heat 
  • Plastic in winter will start with hairline cracks and will brake into pieces 
  • The snow will tear the filter parts apart - No warranty 

Leaf Filter Cost:

If you would like to know what leaf filter cost per foot is you are at the right place. 

From our experience working with leaf filter customers nationwide we saw that the plastic leaf filter price varies between $30 and $45 per foot. 

On the other side Aluminum leaf filter varies from $25 to $35 per foot depending on the complexity of the install that varies from house to house. 

In both instances you should ask for a free estimate and shouldn't have to pay more for plastic than aluminum. 

What is a fair leaf filter gutter protection cost? 

Plastic products is up to 30% cheaper to produce than aluminum products, so a fair price would be around $17 per foot for plastic. 

Our Leaf Filter:

  1. Made from premium aluminum and stainless steel micromesh
  2. Never worry about clogged gutters again
  3. Customized according to your roof pitch 
  4. 40 Year Parts warranty and
  5. Lifetime Transferable warranty 

What Makes Us Different From Other Businesses That Offer Gutter Cleaning For Home Owners?

Our company was started when I realized that the majority of our businesses charged our community according to the area they live in, their age and the size of their homes.
We strife to provide fair upfront pricing no matter your area, age or home value.

That's why we offer affordable:

  • Gutter Maintenance Services that start at less than $10 per month
  • Leaf Filter Gutter Protection
  • Guttering Repairs and Gutter Maintenance 

If you want to get leaf filter:

 Call us today at 701-587-3046 for your Free Estimate

Important tips on buying leaf filter gutter protection for your home. Read before you get your estimate:

A good leaf filter company should be able to provide you with detailed Pro's and Con's of aluminum and plastic leaf filter options. As well as cost. If they can't you should become vary suspicious. 

  •  They will stutter or sound confused. 
  • They will start asking you questions and not answer you.
  • They will tell you that you will never get on a ladder again. 

If you would like a detailed overview of the best gutter leaf filter send us a text and send us your email and comment "eBook" to receive my free book Gutter Guards Secrets for ND Weather.

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